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Each employee is committed to continuous improvement in the quality, hard-working, strict, truth-seeking, innovative 
Management Science: 
Strict management of enterprises, the Foundation so that the management of scientific, institutionalized and modern 
Leader in science and technology: 
To the development of biological and chemical-based products, to develop high-tech products, and actively promote the new technology, new equipment, the use of new technology, specialized brands go on the road 
Excellent quality: 
The establishment of raw and auxiliary materials procurement, selection of production, production control, product testing through the security system and strict quality control system to improve 
Management focus on the market, the market focus on grasping services; to establish, nurture and improve the unified network and orderly market system; win-win set up a mechanism to provide customers with the largest profit margins 
To the integrity far: 
So as to the credibility of the quality of trees, to win credibility with the market, effective security on the market, the strength of national development

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